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Oriental Rug Appraisals 

Get your rug appraised by an expert.

Find out how much the old rug in the attic is worth.

You will receive an official appraisal within 48 hours or less.


Speak directly with an experienced hand made rug expert.



Appraisals are $100 for a single item.

Call us to find out more 410-652-7009


Want to learn more about your rug? Leave your info and we’ll get back to you right away.

Many people do not realize how much handmade rugs are worth.  RugKare has experts that can appraise your rug so you don’t throw out an old treasure.  Find out how much that old rug in the attic is really worth. 



Rugs have always been highly valued throughout history.  In Tolstoy's “War and Peace” the Rolstov family made sure to pack their diamonds, gold, china dishes, and most importantly Persian carpets, when fleeing the Napoleon invasion. Today, Persian rugs still cary a lot of value, old Persian rugs can auction for thousands even millions of dollars.  In New York, in 2013 the most expensive rug in history, was sold by Sotheby's, auctioned for 30 million dollars (auction on Youtube)


How we determine a rug's worth....... 


A rug's value is based on many things, the origin, age, knot count, condition, materials, and uniqueness in design.


Origin - Rugs are made all around the world, including Iran, China, Pakistan, India, and even in the Navajo nation.  The origin can be determined not just by country, but by city, town, or even tribe.  The origin can help determine the value of your rug.


Age-  One of the most important factors is the age of the rug.  For the most part, the older the rug is the more it is worth.  After about 80 to 100 years a rug's value increases greatly for collectors.  That is not to say that new rugs do not have value.


Knot-Count -  The knot count of rugs are also important to determine a rugs value.  The knot count is; how many knots per square inch.  The finer the rug, the more it is worth.  Some tribal rugs that do not have a high knot count can still be valuable.  


Condition- The condition of a rug is very important.  Just like baseball cards or other collectors items the condition of a rug is highly inspected when an appraisal is given. 


Material-  Some rugs are made of wool and others are made of silk, or even both.  Some rugs are made with natural dyes made from fruits and vegetables.  The materials that are used help guide an expert to estimate a rugs worth.  In general, rugs made with synthetic materials are usually not worth as much as natural materials. 


Aesthetic -  Design is an objective thing but just like cars and jewelry there are experts in aesthetics.  The uniqueness of a design and color say a lot of how much a rug will sell for.  Tree of life, Vase, gardens, prayer, and even war rugs are types of designs that vary in uniqueness.

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