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We specialize in cleaning oriental and area rugs. We don't just clean, we DEEP CLEAN.  We make sure we get deep into the foundation of the rug and remove any type of pet odors, dirt, or residue. We work with all types of rugs from Persian antiques to modern machine made wool rugs. Our cleaning products are not harmful to the rug or to your pets.  Call us today for your rug restoration 410-652-7009.

Our deep Cleaning Process

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Clean as a new penny! 


The first thing we do is remove all the sand and dust that has accumulated over the years.  We use high powered vacuums, that are specialized for hand-made rugs, so we get all the dust and sand out without damaging the rug.  This is an important step before washing the rug. 

After we are finished dry cleaning the rug, we move on to the deep cleaning process.  We submerge the area in soap and water (not harmful to pets) and press all the remaining grime, dirt, and sand out of the rug. We don't just clean the surface we go deep into the foundation.  This process not only removes odors, dirt, and stains, it will truly bring your rug back to life! In addition, our process will preserve the condition of the rug so it maintains its value. 


Spot on!

If you have a stain on your rug, leave it to us, the experts.

By trying to remove a stain yourself, you might worsen it!  Stains have to be deep cleaned, and extracted.  Also, stains have to be treated differently depending on the rugs material and the type of stain. With our special techniques we can get rid of drink spills, pet stains, or grease! 

We also offer deodorizing and scotch guard services. Your rug will smell like new! 


Persian and Oriental rugs can last for hundreds of years. But with time comes wear and tear, and  often the binding can detach from the edges,  the fringe can unravel, or maybe your dog chewed up a corner. 

We can help with that! We are experts in repairing fringes, binding, and torn edges.  No matter the damage, we can repair it.


Rug Repair 


Anti - Slip!

Custom cut Padding

Rugs come in many shapes and sizes, so we make sure the padding fits perfectly.   Or no-slip high quality padding keeps your rug in place, which will keep rugs from wearing and will not harm your hard wood floors.

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FREE Pick-Up and Delivery 

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