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Don't Bleach Your Fringe.....

When you get your rug cleaned make sure you don't bleach the fringe!

At Rug Kare we never bleach the fringe of the rug. The fringe is the foundation of the rug so by bleaching the fringe you are weakening the foundation of the rug. There are many Rug Cleaning Companies that will bleach your fringe , It may look nice but it does not help the life of the rug.

Many Old Antique rugs that are worth a lot of money will have a dirty fringe. The reason is that every time you clean a rug the dirt and soil will drip out of through the fringe of the oriental or Persian rug. So actually we can tell the age of the rug by the color and condition of the fringe.

The fringe of the oriental rug can be lighten using just normal soap detergent. It does not need bleach!

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