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How to Maintain Your Oriental or Persian Rug in Ellicott City, Baltimore and Washington D.C. Area

Rug Maintenance is easy. It is important to maintain your handmade Oriental and Persian wool rug! There are a couple of tricks to keep your rug for a long time!

  1. VACUUM YOUR RUG: When vacuuming your rug make sure you don't catch the fringe. Handmade rugs use the fringe as the foundation of the rug so it is important not to get it caught in the beater brush of your vacuum cleaner. Also maybe once or twice a year you can flip over the rug to vacuum the back. this will create vibrations to get all the sand and dirt out of the foundation of your area carpet!

  2. DO NOT USE HARSH CHEMICALS: Do not use any carpet powders, Urine treatments, or spot cleaners. This use harsh chemicals that are made for wall to wall carpet not area rugs. Use laundry detergent like wool light and water. Make sure you suck the water out, don't push the stain deeper into the foundation.

  3. ROTATE YOUR AREA RUG: If there is a window or heavy traffic one side of the rug takes in the sun and the wear and tear. So by rotating your rug it helps even out sun fading and traffic patterns on your Oriental or Persian rug.

  4. GET IT PROFESSIONALLY CLEANED: Call Rug Kare in Ellicott City to get it cleaned every 3 to 5 years. We know what we are doing and our DEEP CLEANING PROCESS will ensure the life of your wool rug!

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