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What to do if my rug has been soiled by my dog? & How to stop my pet from urinating on the rug! :)

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Pet Odors can really make a living room hard to live in. If you are able to get to a pet stain early you can clean it yourself by submerging the stain with soap and water and sucking out the water with some type of wet and dry vac.

We also recommend to get it professionally cleaned by us! The sooner we get to it the better chance we have of getting out the stain. If the stain sits too long it can actually change the color of the rug. But no matter what we will always get the odor out.

The nature of our process and how we completely deep clean the rug by submerging or "dipping the rug" we are able to get any residue that can cause lingering odors. We respond quickly and provide free pick up and delivery to make sure we get to it as quick as possible!


After we clean your area rug , one way to stop your pet from urinating on the rug is to put dryer sheets under the corners. Animals like the smell of the natural wool but they don't like the way dryer sheets smell. Id say it works about %80 of the time.

If your dog urinates on the rug in Maryland give us a call and we will do all the heavy lifting and scrubbing, Call us at : 410.652.7009

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