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What to do if your rug was effected by flooding!

Rug Cleaning and Repair in Ellicott City, specializing in oriental and handmade rugs!

In this article we will tell you how to treat Water Damage for your Area Rug in Ellicott city,

Washington D.C. and Baltimore Area.

Water Damage: to a wool rug caused by flooding can really effect our rug and its value. Here I will discuss how it effects the rug and what to do about it.

Mildew: If water sits in a rug it will develop mildew and mold, which can stain the rug, it stinks and it is bad for your health. So the first thing to do is to make sure you lay the rug out to dry, preferably in the sun! After that you want to make sure you suck out the water with a wet & dry Vacuum or you can just call us. We can take care of your heavy, stinky, and wet area carpet.

Dry-Rot: If the water sits long enough it will actually take away the texture of the rug and it will dry rot. When the rug is dry rotted it will fall apart and become worthless. That is why it is important to get it dry or professionally cleaned right away.

Color Run: Some Oriental and Persian Rugs rugs use vegetable dyes to color the wool. If water from flooding stays in the rug it can cause the colors to bleed. So it make the design blurry and takes away from the value of the rug. If you have an expensive rug it is really important to get to it quickly.. (Sorry if this is repetitive) It is also good to get it professionally cleaned you may have spent thousand of dollars or a good chunk of change so it is worth the investment to get it cleaned by Rug Kare in Ellicott City.

Rug Kare in Maryland takes rug cleaning, maintenance, and repair very seriously! Unfortunately Ellicott City has a history of flooding and even if it is not disastrous it happens all the time. So Rug Kare in Ellicott City has a lot of experience lugging heavy rugs and making sure we avoid water damage.

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