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Why Oriental Rug Cleaning is different from wall to wall carpet.

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

At Rug Kare we Deep Clean your rug. Deep cleaning means we get deep into the foundation. We don't just clean the top of the rug. Carpet cleaners only clean the surface. We specialize in area rugs and we clean them at our facility. Rug Kare wants to make sure we get all the dirt and odors out! Our deep cleaning of oriental rugs is a process where we fully submerge the rug. Soaps are non toxic solution especially made for hand made wool rugs. Carpet cleaners use harsh chemicals that can harm your oriental rug.

Don't just clean the top of your rug.

We get Deep into the rug so you can see, feel and smell the difference.

We do treat Antique Rugs and Silk rugs differently.

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